Those who Hurt you or Broke you down


Those who Hurt you or Broke you down

The person who makes you smile again is your angel of hope.

The ones that love you and care about you are the ones that count in the end.

Our true & special friends do that again & again whenever necessary. That’s why they are friends. A friend in need is a friend indeed. ~ Borielal Kalawatie 

It takes time but you have to move on and be thankful to the people who tries to made you smile and made you forget that you’ve been hurt. ~ Gwen Yodico 

It’s better to make yourself smile again first and not to rely on anyone else for your happiness, then when someone does finally come into your life, you will know if they add extra happiness or sadness to your life. ~ Gayle Jarvis 

The only ones who make me smile are my closest friends now. The ones who want to talk to me, and want me in there life. ~ Ann Sendelweck 

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